Apple begins free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 with swollen batteries

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Apple begins free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 with swollen batteries

But there's a (big) caveat: the gratis maintenance service is in place strictly for devices suffering from battery issues, according to a leaked internal document.

"Apple has determined that under certain conditions, some Series 2 devices may not power on or they may experience an expanded battery", wrote the firm.

Secretly Apple approved a service policy that will fix 42mm Series 2 models for free when they either won't power on or have a swollen battery, including those whose battery has expanded to the point where the display has popped loose according to MacRumors.

The program appears to be limited to Apple Watch Series 2 42mm models, suggesting that the issue is not present on the 38mm models.

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 2 in September of 2016, so the oldest models at this point are around 19 months old. The repairs must be scheduled through the Genius Bar and it is recommended that customers ensure that it will be a free fix prior to agreeing to service. So The watch do not have to be under any warranty also. In some cases, a defective battery is preventing the Apple Watch from powering on, and in other instances customers are complaining about their timepieces expanding, with a swollen battery pushing against the chassis. Apple notes, however, that all models will be subject to a "visual-mechanic" inspection prior to service. 42mm Series 2 models plagued by either of these issues, including swollen batteries that have dislodged the display, are eligible for free repairs.

This is all for now, folks. Repairs are available to owners for a period of up to three years after purchase, even if the device is not covered by Apple's add-on warranty. Let us know in the comments.

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