Several rallied for their right to bear arms

Several rallied for their right to bear arms

Several rallied for their right to bear arms

"People with guns aren't bad". Saturday afternoon, the other side pushed back.

The right to bear arms and looking to be heard - that was the hot topic at the "Americans for America Rally" at the state capitol on Saturday.

"We live in a society that we have these constitutional rights for a reason, to protect ourselves, we have the freedom of speech, but as soon as you take one of those away, the rest will fall like dominos", Said Mitchell.

Lawmakers across the country and in IN have been considering whether to put forward legislation to increase gun control; they say it is in hopes of keeping guns out of the wrong hands. The Second Amendment is our inalienable God-given right.

Around the same time, Second Amendment supporters held rallies in more than a dozen states across the country.

We are seeing a wave of anti-gun and anti-NRA individuals/organizations coming to light raising awareness for their gun ban and control, but the real truth is banning guns or putting a stronger control on them will do nothing more but change the nature of the way crimes are committed.

The Raleigh Second Amendment rally presented a student, too, 18-year-old Connor Groce from Clemmons.

The event took place from 1-4 p.m. From a moral and ethical standpoint, it is hard learning of a new tragedy from a day-to-day basis, but it is even more troubling when I learn that an organization or group of people is being blamed besides the perpetrator who has committed a crime.

"We've already seen compromise and yet these things continue to happen", said Holly Sullivan, events coordinator for CCDL. That did not sit well with many attendees, including Alan Hoyle, who said he is running for sheriff in North Carolina's Lincoln County as a "Constitutional Sheriff".

"I'm exhausted of my generation being advocates for taking away our rights", Groce said. "Our rights are being violated".

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