Tencent & PUBG Corp Announce Mobile Version Release in 'Many Regions'

Image Bluehole Inc

Image Bluehole Inc

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fanatics can now get their chicken dinner to go through their favorite drive through with the debut of PUBG Mobile, now available in the US App Store.

In order to further promote PUBG mobile's launch, Tencent vice president Chen Jerry said, "We are working hard to create an authentic PUBG mobile experience that players new and old will love".

PUBG Mobile is available for free, and the game is rated 17-plus. Unreal Engine 4 brings smooth, next-generation graphics to your mobile device, and produces a graphical and audio experience that perfectly recreates the PC version. The controls are a "smooth and intuitive experience", even if you turn aim-assist off. Aiming will still take some getting used to, but it is still a lot easier than nearly all other FPS games on the mobile market. I genuinely hope Tencent can pull off similar pricing to the console and PC versions, as it's fair, and something Android generally lacks.

Players drop into an island map alongside 99 other competitors and pickup items and weapons off the ground to help them survive. The game can be played in teams or as squads in eliminating all other opponents. The last one standing wins!

With a large selection of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and trajectories, this is the ideal combat experience on mobile.

Invite friends to team-up, head into battle together and collaborate over voice chat. That version of the game has not cracked the top 10 for downloads in that country. After a slow release in China and Canada, the free version of the game is finally available for download in the USA, but when will the United Kingdom and European users get it? Like Fortnite mobile released this week, PUBG mobile attempts to make the barrier for entry into battle royale games even lower.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is also available on Xbox One and PC/Steam.

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