United Airlines flight diverted after third dog incident in single week

United said the dog was quickly reunited with its owner, though it wasn't clear where.

On Thursday, a United flight from Newark, N.J., to St. Louis was diverted after the airline learned it had a dog bound for Akron, Ohio, on board, the Washington Post reports. Pets are family. How could a trained flight attendant instruct a passenger to place her dog in that bin.

United Airlines has had an in-flight incident involving a dog.

Now United is claiming the flight attendant didn't realise the dog was inside the carrier when she placed it in the overhead locker.

United Airlines is having a ruff time.

United Airlines has had yet another incident with a dog on one of its flights.

The dog was dropped off in Akron, Ohio, and was later "safely delivered" to its owner, the airline said, but it is unclear where the reunion took place.

United said it offered compensation to all passengers as a result of the diversion.

The dog was flown back to her on a plane after landing in Japan. According to CBS affiliate, KCTV, Kara Swindle was flying into Kansas City Tuesday night, accompanied by her two children and Irgo, the family's German shepherd.

The airline then issued a statement to say although the passenger did tell her that the puppy was inside, she did not "hear or understand her".

Or the one where a German shepherd was sent to Japan instead of Kansas.

When they went to pick up Irgo, they were shown a Great Dane that was supposed to go to Japan.

United rushed to fix the mistake and flew Irgo, who has an ear infection, back to the U.S. on board its corporate jet.

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