With help of Parkland survivor, Rubio and Nelson push school safety bill

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s two friends showing off their gun tattoos. Jake Paul YouTube

It turns out that after ending his 509-day vlogging streak, celebrity YouTube bro Jake Paul has been spending time in Parkland, Florida.

On Saturday, Paul released his first vlog since his February announcement that he would be taking a break from posting videos.

The 21-year-old, who has a large machine gun tattooed on his thigh, posted a 21-minute documentary to his page on Monday titled "It's Time To End School Shootings" where he went to Parkland to interview Stoneman Douglas shooting survivors and also Sen.

The video is a dramatic departure from Paul's previous vlogs, which include videos like "SMASHING MY LAMBORGHINI WINDSHIELD!" and "I MADE A DISS TRACK (here's why)".

Paul said part of his process moving forward would be to follow the Parkland community and take into consideration the things he learned to help make schools a safer place. He did, in fact, travel to Parkland with Erika Costell to meet with survivors of the school shooting and their families.

YouTube vlogger Jake Paul tried to tackle one of the most polarizing issues in America right now: gun control - and broke it down to five simple steps. Marco Rubio via Skype. "Can you explain some of, like, the struggles around passing laws?"

Rubio responds: "So what I'm trying to do is kind of figure out what are the things we agree on? As soon as they shooting happened they knew he was", Rubio said stated.

"We don't want to wait for hundreds of people in Washington D.C.to pass the laws", Paul added.

Whether he's fully discounting the power of legislators is unclear.

Jake has vowed to donate $25,000 to the cause, and part of his money will go to pay for two buses for students to go to the march in Washington, DC, on March 24. But this could be a start.

"If this video, or by you showing this video to one other person, if it saves one life, then we're successful", Paul says.

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