Cameron Diaz Retirement Rumors Debunked By Selma Blair

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Credit WENN

Literally yesterday it became known that the 45-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz ends his acting career, today the news turned out to be wrong.

Also, the actress decided to make fun of themselves: "And again, I dismissed the official representative of Cameron Diaz". "Guys please, I was making a joke in an interview". She clarified her statement with a sarcastic tweet, saying, "Cameron Diaz is not retiring from anything". And for more breaking news: "I am NOW retiring from being Cameron Diaz's spokesperson", Blair posted on her Twitter account on Monday.

Selma and Cameron starred together in "The Sweetest Thing" back in 2002, with Christina Applegate completing their on-screen trio.

But, Diaz has been relatively silent in the film industry lately, with her last film being "Annie" back in 2014. We were reminiscing about The Sweetest Thing.

The news of retirement travelled fast, and several fans of Diaz were shocked by the revelation.

However, Selma has since backtracked on her comments after the news hit headlines all over the world yesterday. "And for more breaking news - I am now retiring from being Cameron Diaz's spokesperson". "She's like 'I'm done", said the "Cruel Intentions" star. I mean, she doesn't need to make any more films.

The insider explained: 'She would love more than anything to be a mom.

She also took to Instagram to write, "I have had some inquiries related to an interview I did". At this point they would be very happy with the miracle of one child. "They would love to have the chance to be parents".

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