Microsoft Reaches Human Parity With Chinese to English News Translation

Microsoft Achieves Breakthrough In Chinese To English Machine Translation

Microsoft researchers match human levels in translating news from Chinese to English

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) researchers believe they've created the first machine translation system that can translate sentences of news articles from Chinese to English as well as a person. It also employs a number of different AI-training methods, including dual learning, deliberation networks and joint training to try to mimic how humans learn.

Researchers have been able to reach human parity with the new translation system through intense training methods.

The researchers, based in Microsoft's Asia and USA labs, claim that their AI system has achieved human parity on the newstest2017 which is a commonly used test set of news stories developed by industry and academic partners.

Microsoft's latest AI milestone was achieved by three research teams in Microsoft's Beijing and Redmond research labs working together.

To ensure that the results were accurate and similar to what a human translator would have done, the team had hired external bilingual human evaluators who compared the AI's results to two independently produced human reference translations.

Microsoft is now planning to apply this technology to other language pairs and use it in commercially available translation products such as Microsoft Translator.

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