Florida man gives wife kidney for their 23rd anniversary

For their 23rd wedding anniversary Cesar Calle gave his wife Monica a kidney.                       via NBC 6

For their 23rd wedding anniversary Cesar Calle gave his wife Monica a kidney. via NBC 6

Monica and Cesar Calle are celebrating 23 years of marriage this week - an anniversary filled with love, laughter and the gift of life.

The couple from Weston, Florida, spoke with reporters on Tuesday about their February 19 surgeries at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Dr. Juan Arenas, a surgeon and chief of the hospital's Memorial Transplant Institute said, "To find a match between spouses is very unusual but very lucky for us to be able to find that". Lab tests in December showed that not only were the couple compatible, but so were their blood types and antigens.

Monica described her routine and said, "So I had a steady routine where I would go to work, come home, cook dinner, take care of the kids and hook myself up", said Monica.

"I feel like a million dollars", Monica said, three weeks after the transplant. I started dreaming of what my future would look like, not having to do dialysis.

"Little did we know that 23 years ago, this was going to be the angel to save my life, because that's what he did". The fact that I can actually travel now and not worry about carrying boxes with me or supplies, or worry if it's gonna get lost.

At this time of celebration, Monica tells about the pain she had suffered with for 32 months to cop up with dialysis that was about to give her the treatment of polycystic kidney disease.

Monica said she was diagnosed almost 10 years ago with a polycystic kidney disease she inherited from her mother. Doctors said the two had "great attitudes" and were "very positive" throughout the entire process.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Cesar said, "For me to do this, it was big". Cesar also praised the Memorial Transplant Institute, "That's reborn faith, you might call it".

A couple's wedding anniversary will hold an extra special meaning this year for them and their three children.

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