Russian Tourist Gives Birth To Her Baby In The Red Sea

Man carrying a baby

GETTYWoman giving birth Man carrying the baby and the placenta

A woman is said to have given birth in the Red Sea over the weekend, and photos captured by "stunned onlookers" have gone viral on social media.

Dahab, which lies 50 miles northeast of the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, has become increasingly popular with moms-to-be aiming for a seawater birth, according to local media reports.

The incredible moment a Russian tourist gave birth in the Red Sea is capturing the attention of the world.

The pictures showed the father coming out of the ocean waters with the newborn. She does not look as if she just went through labour and looks more like she had just gone for a swim.

The images posted on Facebook by Hadiya on March 10 have since gone viral and have been shared more than 2500 times.

The identity of the mother is not revealed and the condition of the baby and mother after the childbirth is not known.

Once back on shore, the new mother was reunited with her child in this photo taken from a nearby balcony.

Mumsnet says that water births are becoming more popular as they are "simple and non-intrusive and can help you relax". The photos show an older man, presumably the doctor, holding the seconds-old newborn, while the woman's partner holds a bucket with the baby's placenta. El Said mentioned in the caption that the other "big man" in the picture is a Russian who specializes in water births.

One social media user commented: "The sea was really red that day!" And Miami-based doctor Dr. Saima Aftab told Live Science the high salt content of the ocean could seriously harm a baby if they were to accidentally take a gulp of the water during the birthing process.

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