Labour leader and president apologise for failing youths at summer camp

Labour general secretary Andrew Kirton has informed the Prime Minister's office of a second sexual assault alleged

Labour leader and president apologise for failing youths at summer camp

"Our young party members are our future".

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and party president Nigel Haworth have just announced the suspension - and conceded Labour had failed to provide a safe environment for camp attendees.

Nigel Haworth spoke alongside Jacinda Ardern today after allegations of sexual assault from the youth camp emerged.

"We also need to be clear there is a police investigation".

"I can not say when she went to bed but she's been very clear about the fact she wasn't present when the sexual abuse took place", said Ms Ardern.

"But I need to make sure that I have confidence going forward that it won't".

"I don't think it's fair to place blame on someone who attended as a contributor to the camp and wasn't ultimately an organiser".

"I can't speak to the individual attendance of everyone there", the PM said.

We continue to encourage anyone with information they wish to discuss with police, or matters they wish to report, to contact us.

"Summer camps will be run again by the party if and when we feel it is safe to do so".

Ardern said the review would also look at the Waihi incident, including whether the parental consent forms mentioned underage drinking, and if there was any drug use.

"I didn't see the consent forms, not sure if they said there would be alcohol at event".

"He is now very much a part of the party's work to fixing the issues and the failings that we recognise".

"[However], I can not, hand on heart, rule out that this hasn't happened before".

But she did confirm a Labour MP was present "generally" at the camp.

Liz Craig was the one there but was in bed.

It will also consider any historic claims of sexual abuse at party events, following a separate allegation that emerged earlier today.

Haworth said the party had failed in its duty of care.

Mr Haworth has assured the Labour Party is "really really upset about" the incident, and are implementing a number of key step to ensure Labour events are safe.

Changes will be made to way Labour events are held, including having a "senior member of the party" at all Young Labour events, once they are resumed.

There will also be ban on alcohol at any Labour events attended by anyone under 18.

Four teenagers have accused a 20-year-old man of sexually assaulting them during a party at the camp, according to news website Newsroom, which first reported the story.

In this morning 's Labour Party statement, Jacinda Ardern said the party had "failed the young people" and will take immediate steps to ensure a safe environment at future Labour events.

In statement posted to Facebook, Ms Craig said she was at the Young Labour Summer Camp at Waihi as a guest speaker on oral health issues.

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