Newlywed Amy Schumer explains why she's not changing her last name

Amy Schumer Is Married To Chris Fischer All The Details On Her Big Day

Newlywed Amy Schumer explains why she's not changing her last name

The Rockville Centre-raised comedy star, 36, who married celebrity chef Chris Fischer on February 13, posted an Instagram Stories video Sunday in which she speaks with her father, Gordon Schumer.

Amy Schumer recently tied the knot acclaimed chef Chris Fischer, but she revealed that there won't be a name change to Amy Fischer any time soon.

"I'm not Amy Fischer!". Do you remember who Amy Fisher is?

Schumer, who hails from Long Island, continued, "No, I'm keeping my last name - I'm keeping your last name". "The Long Island Lolita", referring to the infamous Merrick native with a slightly different last name who, as a 17-year-old on May 19, 1992, shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco, then wife of her 38-year-old lover, Massapequa auto mechanic Joey Buttafuoco. The two planned to kill his wife, Mary Jo, but Fisher ended up carrying out the act by shooting Mary Jo in the face. "The Long Island Lolita", she responded. In 1999, Fisher was granted parole. Schumer's dad asked her in the social media post (via Us Weekly).

Add this as another reason to search your proposed name before changing it - you never know what you'll find.

Discussing newlywed life, Schumer told the SiriusXM show You Up With Nikki Glaser, "It feels f**king good!"

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