Watch the Moment Farrah Abraham Officially Quits Teen Mom

Kayla Sessler 19 of Cortland is one of five women in MTV's latest iteration of its

CaptionKayla Sessler 19 of Cortland is one of five women in MTV's latest iteration of its"Teen Mom series

Though Farrah Abraham had been with the show since its "16 and Pregnant" days, she ultimately decided it wasn't the right fit for her anymore after being confronted by the series' executive producer Morgan J. Freeman about being "difficult" to work with and her continued work in the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah took offense to Morgan's statement and then fired away at the producer. For example, Kristin - who we all love, who we think is doing a great job - isn't here today.

"I am so compassionate, I am so understanding, I am working my ass off just like everyone", she shot back.

"I respect people who respect me", Farrah responded.

Farrah then blew up at Morgan, according to Us, saying, "Who are you to tell someone to chose one thing?"

Jade, who didn't plan on having children anytime soon and dreamed of being a business woman, is anxious she won't get the support she needs from her parents now that she's pregnant.

After that conversation wraps, he brings up the adult entertainment content. It's basically a decision where we're asking you. "It's just that if you're going to go down that path, we can't keep shooting this path", he said. You have had this critical role from "16 and Pregnant" all the way through this.

"Do you feel like you respect the people that are around you who are trying to make the show and spend all this time?"

Farrah is outraged after hearing this, causing the crew to leave her house immediately.

After making no progress on the Kristen issue - Farrah stated "F**k, shoot me for being who I am" while Morgan called her "difficult" - Farrah eventually said that she "didn't need any more drama".

"Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things - all that stuff is more beneficial, and I will always continue to do that, regardless if it's my own show, not on MTV anymore", she says.

"I have to emphasize that I didn't intentionally decide to work in the adult industry", she told MV Mag in a recent interview.

At this point, their conversation is already heating up, with the MTV show's executive producer deeming Farrah Abraham as the only "problem" out of the nine mothers they have been handling.

Morgan reportedly told Farrah to do whatever is best for her family, and then she replied, "Well then I will just have my lawyers contact you guys and I wish you guys all the best". Are you more or less likely to watch?

According to Hollywood Life, Freeman discussed two main things with the 26-year-old reality TV star during their face-to-face encounter: the way she treats the staff of Teen Mom OG and her involvement in raunchy adult videos.

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