Puppy dies in overhead bin on United Airlines flight

Puppy dies in overhead bin on United Airlines flight

Puppy dies in overhead bin on United Airlines flight

Another passenger says a flight attendant had instructed the pet's owner to store the carrier that held the dog in the overhead compartment.

United Airlines has apologised after the death of a pet dog which was stowed in an overhead luggage compartment at the request of a flight attendant.

Passenger June Lara wrote on Facebook that the flight attendants on the plane insisted the puppy in his kennel be placed inside the overhead bin.

Maggie Gremminger, a passenger on the plane, told People Magazine that the pet owner was travelling with a young girl and a baby. Other staff "were professional and did a wonderful job gathering information and being as supportive to the mourning family as possible", Gremminger said. After the flight attendant asked her to move it above, the woman adamantly refused, communicating her dog was in the bag.

The witness said once the plane landed his family opened his kennel and began calling his name but there was no sound.

This incident follows the death of giant rabbit on board a United Flight in 2017, and the horrific assault of passenger David Dao as he was dragged from his seat. I held her baby as the mother attempted to resuscitate their 10 month old puppy.

The carrier has apologised for the tragic loss, saying "We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them".

The incident, CBS reported, violates United's policy that instructs passengers to put pets in kennels that can fit underneath the seats in front of them. "We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again".

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