Taylor swift became invisible in the new video for the song Delicate

Mike de Marko behind the woman in red

Mike de Marko behind the woman in red

Taylor Swift dropped the video for new single "Delicate" on Sunday (11 March) but people have just noticed a familiar face in it. They think the fact that Swift dances in front of a store called "Joe's Deli" is not a mere coincidence, but a concerted effort to say a subtle hello to her friend.

The Kenzo advertisement for their "World" fragrance came out in 2016 featuring classically trained ballet dancer, Margaret Qualley.

On Monday, the musician released the video for her song, "Delicate", and it didn't take Twitter users long to point out that it looks pretty similar to a almost 4-minute ad Spike Jonze directed for Kenzo World perfume in 2016 starring actress Margaret Qualley.

Taylor's video starts off with the singer doing interviews on a red carpet and taking selfies with fans at an event while being flanked by security guards.

Although Swift has been keeping a low profile, due in large part to her actual reputation, the music video has shot her back into the spotlight.

Many users made the case by taking screen grabs of both the video and the short film ― and placing them side by side.

Controversy seems to follow Taylor Swift, so this video release wasn't without its own share of drama - many claim the video copied Spike Jonze's ad for Kenzo, as well as singer Sia's moves.

They pointed out there appeared to be some similarities to a Kenzo perfume advert, directed by United States producer and actor Spike Jonze, which was released previous year. "The setting, color palette, choreography, everything", one person wrote. "Like as a Taylor fan I'm saying it and not denying it. ‍♀️".

So far, no word from Swift or Kahn about the commentary surrounding the similarities.

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