Netflix's The Crown paid its queen less than its prince

Matt Smith and Claire Foy star in Netflix's 'The Crown.'

Netflix's The Crown paid its queen less than its prince

The Crown, Netflix's sumptuous, historically-based period piece starring Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, moves at roughly the pace of a state dinner, and every so often, Matt Smith's Prince Philip whines to his wife about the diminished sense of importance he feels playing second banana to the sovereign.

But more telling than the Queen's actual net worth compared to her husband's is the show's emphasis on female empowerment and the obstacles Queen Elizabeth faced while assuming the throne at a young age - and as a woman.

"The producers acknowledged that [Smith] did make more due to his Doctor Who fame, but that they would rectify that for the future", Variety reported. Specifically, it was revealed at the INTV Conference in Israel on Tuesday that Foy earned less than her co-star Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip.

Foy, however, will not be reprising her role as Queen Elizabeth.

According to Variety, Elisabeth Moss earned $200,000 per episode on The Handmaid's Tale after racking up six Emmy nominations during her time on Mad Men. Beyond being the main character in the series, Foy's critically-acclaimed performance has won prestigious awards. "Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen", Mackie clarified, signifying Olivia Colman will be getting the biggest payday when season three begins filming.

But the pay disparity between Smith and Foy - despite Foy's newcomer status before the show debuted, as the production company noted - sparked outrage from viewers who noted she was the star of the show and deserved better compensation compared to Smith.

Mackie said that going forward, all actresses to tackle the royal role will take home a fatter paycheck, though it's too late for Foy, who has been recast, along with the rest of her co-stars, going into Season 3. "I think we were the first television series ever to change cast and continue, and we will change cast twice".

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