Chairman Andrea Radrizzani: 'Leeds United players showing no passion'

Wolves chairman Jeff Shi laughed off criticisms from Championship rivals this week

Wolves chairman Jeff Shi laughed off criticisms from Championship rivals this week

Ruben Neves, Diogo Jota, Ivan Cavaleiro and Helder Costa are just some of the players to have signed for Wolves in recent times, with Mendes taking his clients to Molineux thanks to his relationship with owners Fosun International.

He has written to the English Football League, the Football Association and the Premier League for guidance.

" Later in the article he added, rather tantalisingly, that "I might not even need an agent [such as Mendes] because I have good relations with many football teams in Europe personally".

Radrizzani clarified that he does know many agents and if he can take advantage of their help within the rules and if it is possible to use the "leverage" of agents, he would consider it. If not I will do as I did in the past, which I'm happy with too. I need to understand if it's practical as I would like to do the same.

"We have given them everything possible to just focus on the football".

Radrizzani's counterpart, Wolves chairman Jeff Shi has called his comments laughable and are down to the Italian "feeling the pressure" after a disappointing first season at Elland Road.

It is believed several other Championship clubs, including Aston Villa and Derby County, have made complaints to the EFL about the Mendes link with Wolves. Shi also hinted at the surprise nature of Radrizzani's tweets saying, "I also had several lunches with him, together with Jorge".

'So it's very unusual.

'I was also surprised to see the Twitter of Keith. In person I talk to him and he's nice, so I guess maybe he has the pressure and I understand that. "On Saturday I met him and said 'what happened?"

"My tweet was in a moment of frustration, but it was also done on goal to have attention on something that I tried to raise as a subject to the league and other club owners since the beginning of the season". We're the guys facing pressure from fans and the league and I can understand releasing pressure on Twitter. I know everything about us and our club and what we're doing. I was pleased with the results but unfortunately in January we ruined everything.

"I know everything about the rules of the league and the FA and the EFL knows our dealings, every transfer document, agent fees, all information is recorded in their library".

There was much more pressure in the previous game against Middlesbrough - that was really our last call and the way we played and what the players showed in that game was really terrible. It's easy for us to answer all the questions'.

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