YouTube dark mode starts hitting mobile, Android expected 'soon'

Google is Finally Adding a Dark Mode to YouTube on iOS and Android

YouTube for iOS Launches 'Dark Theme', Now Live in Canada

YouTube looks much better with the dark theme, and the viewing experience is definitely superior. For months now we've been expecting a new dark mode to go live for YouTube, and while Google's not quite ready to push the button on dark-mode YouTube for Android, the feature is currently heading out to iOS users.

That's certainly the case with YouTube's "Dark theme", which arrives today on the iOS version of the app.

You have to jump through hoops to access the feature on desktop via the developer mode, but on mobile, things are a lot simpler. "Dark theme", and letting you toggle it on right away.

To activate the mode, you simply tap your account profile picture in the YouTube app, navigate to Settings, and flick on "Dark mode". Well like we said, right now the mobile roll-out has only just begun, and so far it's only hitting iOS-this follows the desktop launch of dark mode a year ago.

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