Nokia At MWC 2018: What We Expect

Nokia cements its place

Nokia cements its place

The 2018 Mobile World Congress, a huge smartphone event in Barcelona, will commence a day after Samsung's Unpacked event.

The device is set to be launched on the 25th February and hit shelves on 16th March. With Nokia's nostalgia factor, HMD is trying to get the iconic Nokia name back in the game, after releasing the Android-run Nokia 8 flagship a year ago. ET News has the phone coming in at more expensive than the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which cost roughly $720 and $840, respectively, at launch past year. Yes yes, we know! the pricing seems a bit high in United States dollars but as mentioned earlier these estimates are not a hundred percent and hence buyers can expect some decrease in the prices upon official release of the device.

We'll also guide you through a few other useful tips including a simple way to check your upgrade status and some trade-in ideas for those of you looking to cut down the Galaxy S9's price.

The devices are expected to launch next month. The lack of innovation will be readily apparent at the Galaxy S9 event, regardless of the fact that there's been a decent amount of fanfare regarding the release of the latest and greatest from Samsung.

Both phones will be the first to utilize Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845 processors, which promise zippier power and longer battery life.

With all the news about possible bendable phones from Samsung, and with LG also having its own, people wonder what direction Samsung is taking with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The iPhone X has its notched display, stainless steel construction, and off-center dual-lens camera on the back.

The ‘no flagship’ crew
The ‘no flagship’ crew

The calendar's biggest trade show for everything mobiles is barely days away and the tech industry is already buzzing in anticipation of all the blockbuster announcements that will be made in Barcelona starting next week.

Google also confirmed the launch of an Android One smartphone at MWC 2018. The Finnish company launched a number of smartphones at the event, but its reboot of the 3310 - the indestructible phone from our childhood that came with Snake installed - ended up hogging all the limelight.

Should we find a YouTube stream, we'll embed that here on Sunday.

ASUS is rumored to be launching the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5 Lite.

3D Emoji: The same ETNews report claims that Samsung's 3D emojis will be more advanced than Apple's - though that, of course, remains to be seen.

Still is a bold pricing strategy for Samsung considering Apple's iPhone X has had little success with its $1000 pricing.

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