LG V30S ThinQ has all the AI with more hardware options

LG V30S ThinQ

The LG V30S ThinQ is an incremental update to the company's flagship phone. Juan Garzon CNET

It is created to let you search for a particular product on Amazon by taking a photo of it using the LG V30S.

All of the above features are expected to be brought to the LG V30 with a software update. Korea, LG's homeland, will be one of the first markets to get the new phone, followed by other countries, including the US.

This year, LG is making a point to shun the smartphone industry's annual release cycles, retaining existing models for longer.

ThinQ is LG's brand for home appliances, consumer electronics, and services that feature artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, Vision AI means a smarter camera and Voice AI means more spoken commands. The design is supposedly identical, with the only changes being 256GB of built-in storage (the V30 has 64GB, and the V30+ has 128GB) and something called 'LG Lens'.

QLens takes further advantage of the image recognition capabilities of the AI technology to scan QR codes to improve the online shopping experience. In the rare event that does happen, the microSD slot provides even more storage, up to 2TB. Perform an image search with QLens to see matching or similar images of food, fashion and celebrities or detailed information of landmarks such as buildings and statues.

Voice AI also allows for commands specific to the phone to be processed with a request to Google Assistant (for example, turn on Wi-Fi). Otherwise, the hardware stays the same, save for a new color option of Platinum Gray. Both devices feature a lenticular finish on the back that displays different hues under certain lighting conditions. The V30S ThinQ is therefore the first ThinQ mobile device, which will set the bar for LG's AI efforts in smartphones. Additional LG smartphones could also get future AI upgrades, but LG isn't committing to any just yet.

Pricing and availability info has yet to be confirmed, but LG will likely launch the V30S ThinQ soon, so as not to have it compete with the upcoming successor to the G6.

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