Meteorite hunter finds 3 rocks from MI meteor

Meteorite hunter finds 3 rocks from MI meteor

Meteorite hunter finds 3 rocks from MI meteor

"We had really good data on this one", he said. Everything came together on this one.

According to the American Meteor Society, Robert Ward and Larry Atkins were the first two people to find parts of the meteor. If you believe you've found one, check out our guide to identifying meteorites, and take them in to Longway Planetarium to be sure! Shortly after, he added: "All right man, it's happening". "A guess would be four to five billion years old". "I've been arrested and tried for spying in the Middle East and nearly abducted by the FARC-the cocaine guerillas-in Colombia", he told the newspaper.

"This was probably a piece from the original formation of the solar system", Slisher said.

Darryl Pitt is a meteorite collector originally from Southfield but now calls NY home.

Eight meteorites have been picked up from the region, said Bill Cooke, of the Meteoroid Environment Office of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, in a few emails to Laboratory Equipment.

Pitt, who spoke to the Free Press on his way to the airport to fly to Detroit, was expected to hunt for meteorites Friday morning. Another piece is the size of a quarter and the largest meteorite is about an inch wide, he said. "I just saw a little black spot and that was it, but you know, so I was very fortunate to make the recovery but undoubtedly there's more out there", he said, according to the newspaper.

All three meteorite specimens, as they were found in the snow. Shooting star seekers look for consent from landowners before looking on their property, Ward said. "And we're holding them in our hands right now".

Meteorite hunters who think they struck gold can have their find inspected by experts during a pop-up event from 1-4 p.m. Saturday at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, 39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills. Further analysis of the samples shall be conducted at Chicago Field Museum.

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