Model-actress Paris Jackson robbed by hitchhiker

OMG! Model-actress Paris Jackson robbed by hitchhiker

Paris Jackson 'robbed by hitchhikers'

Oh no! The late Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson took to her Instagram story to reveal the scary news that she had been robbed after she tried to be a good samaritan by picking up some hitchhikers on Thursday, Jan 11.

Dishing on her experience, Jackson explained, "So, last night I picked up a couple of hitchhikers and one girl was pretty f****d up".

Unfortunately, Jackson quickly learned that no good deed goes unpunished when she found that the woman had stolen her debit card.

One of Paris' latest images on Instagram is that of an unidentified roadside, which could be where she picked up the hitchhikers. She also complained that she was treated like an Uber driver, after giving them a ride across Los Angeles. "I remember taking off a pair of my own socks and putting them on her and stopping at a fast food place to get them dinner", she said in a video clip.

"This b-h f-ing stole my debit card dude", Jackson said. "I gave you guys a f-king ride across LA and you steal my s-t dude, like WTF". "What the f-k!" She revealed the entire scene in a series of videos that happened with her.

Jackson has used her celebrity status to assist with a variety of good causes. In October, she charted a plane to Puerto Rico to fly supplies to those affected by Hurricane Maria.

We're sure Paris will think twice before offering a ride to hitchhikers again.

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