Iran Says 400 Protesters Still Detained

Iran confirms dual national among people arrested during protests

Iran Says 400 Protesters Still Detained

Iran says 55 people are still being detained in the capital after hundreds were arrested during a wave of anti-government protests.

He said that about 400 people were arrested in recent incidents 50 of whom were in Tehran and added "the public, however, was vigilant enough and the minute they realized the riots were plotted by the enemy to cause insecurity and unrest, they helped the police and distanced themselves from the rioters".

It was not clear how many Iranians are still detained elsewhere, and the largest and most violent of the demonstrations were held in the provinces.

A reformist Iranian MP, Mahmoud Sadeghi, said last week that about 3,700 people had been arrested in connection with the protests.

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The protests erupted almost three weeks ago over economic issues, but grew into widespread unrest condemning the Islamic regime as a whole, with attacks on government and police buildings.

Clashes broke out at some protests, and at least 21 people were killed. He didn't provide details on how the 25 people were killed.

The United States and Israel have expressed support for the protests but deny any involvement in them.

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