Dark Souls remaster coming to PC, XO, PS4, and Switch

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Direct

FROM SOFTWAREDark Souls Remastered could be revealed at the Nintendo Direct

Well, contrary to the Bioshock remasters, Dark Souls Remastered will be a separate product. A remastered version of From Software's genre-defining classic Dark Souls is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 25th. A rumor has surfaced that Dark Souls Remastered PS4 Release Date has leaked and we very much want that to be true, take this with a grain of salt but be hopeful to embark on your quest (again hopefully) into the land of Lordran, remastered for the PS4 now. The game will also feature multiplayer support for up to six concurrent players.

Dark Souls Remastered will be released for the Switch on May 15, and it will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC from the original game. Dark Souls joins Skyrim and Doom as more hardcore offerings on Nintendo's new system. Dark Souls theorist VaatiVidya had claimed that this new port would be using engine assets from Dark Souls 3 and would contain HDR lighting and some PS4 Pro enhancements.

As is the case with all reports that come from anonymous sources, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, for Western-based fans, they might have to wait a little bit longer since Bandai Namco has only announced a release date for Japan, which will be some time in May of this year. Given that the Nintendo Switch has now broken sales records around the globe, FromSoftware must feel convinced enough to sign off on Switch ports of its iconic action series.

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