CES 2018 Had a Blackout and The Tweets Are Hilarious

LAS VEGAS-On the first day of CES, Tuesday, a record 1.33 inches of rain fell, the wettest one-day downpour since the Weather Service began keeping records in 1937.

But the tech with perhaps the most potential and anticipation will not even launch here for a year or more, 5G wireless internet. Okay, how about every light bulb in the Las Vegas Convention Center?

No expo in the world relies on power more than CES so it was particularly embarrassing when it was plunged into darkness yesterday.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisers behind CES, blamed the glitch on the heavy rains the day before.

Although South and North Hall appear to have power, there have been reports that the power outages briefly extended to other areas in Vegas, including nearby hotels.

For more than an hour, the organizers reassured the waiting fans that the issue was being addressed as quickly as possible and that entrance will be restricted until the power is restored.

Some companies and attendees had a sense of humor about the situation, and took to Twitter using the hashtag #CESBlackout to compete for funniest blackout tweet.

Some companies latched onto the outage as an advertising opportunity.

According to a statement from CES organizers, power went out at around 11:15 in the morning on January 10. "No problem for the low-light capabilities of Nikon DSLRs", Nikon tweeted.

CES attendees posted images on social media of the blackout, with one sharing a video of a woman playing a violin to entertain guests at the Intel booth. A few wise-guys conjectured that it happened because someone said, "Alexa, turn off the lights".

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