Passports no longer your address proof!


Passports no longer your address proof!

The reaction comes in the wake of a decision by the Ministry of External Affairs to not print the address of the holder on the last page of a passport, denoting that the travel document will no longer serve the additional goal of a residential proof.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi today objected to the government's decision to issue orange-coloured passport to people with Emigration Check Required (ECR) status and called it a result of "BJP's discriminatory mindest".

The Ministry of External Affairs is considering a series of changes to the Indian passport.

To keep in line with the worldwide standards, Indian passports may soon not include any information printed on its last page. The passport now also comes with a barcode, which when scanned pulls out all the details of the individual.

Earlier, it was reported that the government is mulling over removing the last page which includes the address of the passport holder. Immigration and Emigration Controller General S. Ranasinghe told the Sunday Times that the new passport would have additional security features to minimise chances of anyone making forged passports.

As of now, the last page of the passport showcases the address, while the first page has the photograph and name. This would mean that the new passports will no longer be useful as a proof of address for various applications. MEA is also considering changing the colour of passports. No, all existing passports will remain valid until their expiry date. While an official Passport has a white cover and is issued to those representing the Indian government on official business.

The "next series" of passports which would be issued will have the last page blank.

According to the ministry, the decision to do away with this page was taken in view of concerns expressed by single parents and those with adopted children about the requirement of details of parents in the passport.

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