Minor girl tortured by doctor employer, rescued by DCW

Minor girl tortured by doctor employer, rescued by DCW

Minor maid rescued from employer's clutches

A teenage domestic help, who was allegedly brutally assaulted by her employer, was rescued by the Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) from northwest Delhi's Model Town.

The child's medical exaination reportedly revealed several injury marks on her body. "Received call on Delhi Commission for Women 181 regarding a girl being tortured by employer".

The girl belongs to Jharkhand and prima facie it looks like a case of child trafficking. We rescued the 14-year-old Jharkhandi domestic maid from Model Town. Can't describe her condition. She was burnt, beaten, attacked with scissor, spat at and bitten by lady employer who is a doctor!

"Little girl was so courageous". "A doctor herself, how could she torture a 14 year old in such a brutal manner. Little girl was confined 2 house, not given sweater, food & hs been reduced 2 bones (sic)", she said in another tweet. The doctor had even bitten her, the girl told police.

Police said they have arrested the employer and are looking for members of the placement agency who brought her from Ranchi to Delhi. "Should be given maximum punishment!" she added. The employer poured hot water on her and branded with a hot iron, she alleged.

"The eyes of the 14-year-old narrate the tale of the torture she had to go through".

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