Flu cases surge in Arizona

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

Adults age 65 and over are also at higher risk.

In California, flu-related deaths are particularly high.

In Montgomery County, there have been 74 confirmed cases of influenza A. Last year's numbers were not available.

There were four deaths statewide during the same weekly period in 2017, but 14 total deaths through January 14, 2017. The recording period ends in May.

Grady Health System's emergency department visits are up seven to 10 percent because of recent flu or flu-like illnesses, a spokeswoman said.

On January 2, President Trump sought to antagonize North Korean leader Kim Jung Un that the USA nuclear arsenal was more powerful than the hermit kingdom's, in a tit for tat after Mr. Kim said he had his country's nuclear button ready. "We call that an antigenic drift".

"This is not a live vaccine, so you can never get it", he said. Perhaps people who get the flu shot are more healthy in general on average.

We Do Know The Name Of The 2017-2018 Influenza Season's Most Active Strain. "And by the time they go there, they already have secondary complications".

Unity Point Finley Hospital in Dubuque and Mercy Medical Centers in Dubuque and Dyersville are restricting visitation from all children under 14 and anyone with flu-like symptoms. They don't have enough beds, and some are being treated in hallways.

While data fluctuate on how many Americans die annually from the flu, during the 2012 to 2013 flu season an estimated 56,000 people died, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Statistical modeling with those results was used to generate an estimate of the number of flu-associated respiratory deaths for 185 countries across the world. Alabama is one of 26 states reporting high levels of influenza-like Illness.

State health officials have declared the infection widespread in virtually all counties - including Nassau and Suffolk - as flu trackers continue to document the course of what so far is described as an unpredictable season.

If flu is diagnosed in three percent of the home's total population, then precautions go up a notch.

"In the Southern hemisphere for some reason or other it seemed to be very aggressive and we saw a lot more deaths, but in Manitoba for sure we're not seeing we're having a whole lot more people dying", said Dr. Richard Rusk, medical officer of health for communicable diseases.

The New Mexico Department of Health reported a spike in the number of flu cases across state in the last few weeks, with double the number of cases reported this year compared to last year, with the current flu season not even at its peak yet.

This year's influenza season is unusually severe, with a strain that has not been responding well to vaccines.

Tamiflu, on the other hand, which comes in capsules, costs between $50 and $60 before insurance and requires a prescription, and generally reduces the length of time someone is sick with the flu by a couple days.

"Even when the match isn't ideal, vaccination still is the best way to fight the flu", Pitt County Health Director Dr. John Morrow said.

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