Racism Seen by Judge as Perhaps Why Trump Axed `Dreamer' Policy

Racism Seen by Judge as Perhaps Why Trump Axed `Dreamer' Policy

Racism Seen by Judge as Perhaps Why Trump Axed `Dreamer' Policy

"I would call upon the president to go back to his campaign promise, the one that lived and existed January 20 of a year ago, which was to end DACA", said King, who met with Trump to discuss the issue in December.

If a few billion dollars annually is the trade-off that provides certainty - a pathway to citizenship or permanent legal status - for almost 700,000 young immigrants brought to this country as children by their parents, it's worth it.

A working group of six U.S. senators said earlier this week that they had reached an agreement, including a solution on continuing the DACA program, but the White House said any agreement must include funding for the border wall.

The significance of their agreement was initially unclear.

Immigration hardliner Senator Tom Cotton, a Trump ally, called the proposal "a joke" after the White House meeting, saying it didn't go far enough in particular to end immigration family preferences. Most members of both parties are against kicking out as many as 800,000 people in the country illegally who came here as children. They had been shielded from deportation by Obama-era regulations that President Donald Trump has ended and will expire in March.

He said the USA bishops "believe in measures that improve the security of our nation".

SCOTT DETROW, BYLINE: The three Democrats and three Republicans who have been hashing out a DACA agreement say they've got a compromise that deals with border security, with the people now protected by DACA and changes to the legal immigration process that President Trump has called for.

Later, again attempting to nudge the president back on track to a more conservative plan, Senator David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, made a similar pitch for precision.

"With all due respect to my Democratic friends, it's not going to happen", Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Laredo Democrat who attended Tuesday's meeting, told NPR.

While unpredictable on DACA, Trump has generally backed his strong anti-immigration language on the campaign trail with action since taking office. The truth is, the wall has become a shiny object that distracts partisans from what they claim to want in the immigration debate.

In December, the Senate's bipartisan working group asked White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to tell them what the administration would need in a DACA deal for the president to sign it.

Trump on Tuesday said he would "take the heat" if Congress wanted to take up immigration reform.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman declined to comment, and representatives for the White House and the Department of Justice could not be reached immediately for comment.

Pelosi's talking about a group of lawmakers that's blessed by President Donald Trump. "I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs".

Conservatives quickly sounded alarms about a process that would lead to a comprehensive agreement on immigration, a path that has always been anathema to many rank-and-file Republicans.

It's plain the California Democrat has a dim view of the Trump-endorsed effort.

WASHINGTON — A federal judges decision to block Trump administration plans to phase out protections for so-called undocumented "dreamers" brought sharp backlash Wednesday from the White House, calling the injunction "outrageous". "Except perhaps to delay?" Is the 19th government shutdown around the corner? Trump still wants his border wall, though he's toned down what that means.

Absent a genuine compromise, Republicans should simply move the SUCCEED Act and dare Democrats to stop it.

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