Pakistan releases new video of "person of interest" in Zainab rape, murder

Pakistan releases new video of

Pakistan releases new video of "person of interest" in Zainab rape, murder

Earlier in the day, the police released a fresh footage of the alleged murderer of seven-year-old Zainab who was sexually assaulted and killed after being kidnapped in Kasur. The report found injuries on her body and face, and a bone in her neck fractured.

"Today I am not Kiran Naz".

Zainab was seen being led away by a similar man on January 4, when she was on her way to attend Quran classes at her aunt's home.

"This is not just the murder of a small girl". He said it could not be ruled out that the murders involved a serial killer.

"Since I got to know about Zainab, I could not turn towards my daughter and sleep". Zainab was first reported missing on January 5 by her uncle, the regional police office added.

Note that when the little girl was abducted, her parents were out of town and returned hurriedly when her absence was noticed.

On Tuesday, a police constable deputed to trace the girl recovered her body from a trash heap. Punjab's Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif ordered police to arrest the girl's killers in the next 24 hours and offered a 10 million Pakistani rupee bounty (over $90,000) for anyone who helps identify those responsible.

What's even more shocking is that at least 11 similar cases are reported to have taken place within a two kilometre radius in the city in the past year. I have no words."Police in Kasur say there have been 12 similar murders in the past two years. In the previous incidents the forensic evidence also determines it and modus operandi way of carrying out such acts also determines it", spokesperson of Punjab province - where Kasur is located - Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, told reporters.

He said the authorities now have a suspect after interrogating 96 people, and have formed a special team to nab the perpetrator as soon as possible.

Adnan said the kidnapper waited to dump the body after search parties took a break after four days of looking.

Kasur made global headlines in 2015 when a gang of paedophiles running a child sex ring was busted, Dawn reported.

In March 2016, Pakistan passed a law against sexual abuse of minors and child pornography, making the crimes punishable by up to seven years in prison.

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