This controversial new app creates sexual consent 'contracts'

New App creates controversial one night stand ‘contracts’ More

New App creates controversial one night stand ‘contracts’ More

The app will also send a list of your "sexual preferences, including your do's and don'ts".

Inverse Innovation reported the concept of LegalFling is based on a decision made by Swedish parliament to enforce receiving explicit consent before engaging in any form of sexual intercourse.

The app will provide the partakers to choose whether they want to take photos and videos of their intimate moments or not. And it isn't just for one night stands - according to their website, the app is meant to protect all types of sexual relationships, even long-term relationships.

"While you're protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is almost impossible in reality".

According to the information provided, the app says you will receive a request and after you press accept, you have entered into a legally binding agreement.

While no always means no, the new app LegalFling is for when the answer is yes.

This app can help you in getting in touch with your fling when s/he clicks on the consent option. Though other apps touting an easy solution to consent aimed at college students have been around for a few years.

"Consent can also be withdrawn with a swipe, which ends the legal agreement".

This app has been created after the #MeToo movement hit the social media, raising global concern about sexual exploitation and sexual harassment faced by celebs, politicians, journalists and women in general.

So, pretty much it's an app that makes it possible to ask a potential sexual partner to sign a legally binding document before you get busy, ensuring all sexual acts are consensual.

The LegalFlings app has to be approved by Google and Apple before you can actually download it.

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