Whatsapp to make group admins more powerful with this feature

The app also claims that the user is on a beta testing program and offers the user an option to leave the program

Whatsapp to make group admins more powerful with this feature

At the same time, if any member of the "Group Admin" creates an administrator and removes him/her from the post of administrator some time later, then the person gets out of the group, but this will not happen in the new feature.

Yesterday, we told you about WhatsApp testing a feature called "dismiss as admin" that lets you demote group admins without removing them from the group. Similarly, only a group admin can remove people from group chats.

The new WhatsApp feature was on WABetaInfo, which tracks changes to the popular chat app. This option will be in the info section of a group.

WhatsApp is testing the feature both for iOS as well as Android. This feature is introduced as a part of beta update 2.18.12 on Android. In addition to this feature, Whatsapp is also going to give a new button to switch from audio call to video call.

However, the group chat also faced some negative publicity when it was reported this week that WhatsApp's Group chats were at a risk of being infiltrated by "anyone who controls the app's servers", despite being encrypted. In the current version of WhatsApp, you need to end a voice call to make a video call.

Another group centric feature now in testing phase that came to light was private replies within a group chat.

According to the researchers from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, once an attacker with control of the WhatsApp server had access to the conversation, he or she could also use the server to selectively block any messages in the group.

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