ESPN Announces Matt Hasselbeck Will Call Pro Bowl Alongside Sean McDonough

Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck will call Pro Bowl with Sean McDonough in apparent 'Monday Night Football' tryout

The former NFL quarterback will call ESPN's Pro Bowl telecast on January 28 in what is expected to be a tryout for the open position on "Monday Night Football", The Indianapolis Star reports.

In a statement to the Indy Star, Hasselbeck said he "can't wait" to call the Skills Showdown and Pro Bowl.

As ESPN searches for an analyst to replace Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football, the network seems to have found one candidate worth taking a closer look at.

ESPN executive Stephanie Druley said the company is looking at both internal and external candidates and expect to make a decision this spring. He regularly appears in the Bristol studios on Sundays and is a part of the Monday Night Football Countdown pregame show. Well, Hasselback will get his shot at an "audition" with McDonough when the two pair up for the Pro Bowl.

Druley admitted that the opportunity will serve as chance for Hasselbeck to try out for the gig, while already describing him calling the game alongside current MNF play-by-play man Sean McDonough as "a great fit". Hasselbeck has not, however, been named Gruden's full-time replacement. "This is one of the most high-profile and attractive positions in all of sports broadcasting so we want to take our time to ensure we make the best decision". While Hasselbeck is just a fill-in for the Pro Bowl, he is likely a strong candidate for the full-time "Monday Night Football" role.

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