Watch Reporter April Ryan Ask Trump If He's a Racist

"Why are we having all these people from sh-hole countries come here?" He then reportedly added: "Why do we need more Haitians?"

Trump, on the other hand, vehemently denies making the comment or using the insulting language during Thursday's meeting. "I'm sorry, but there's no other word one can use but racist". What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!'

Lankford says the US should be sending a different message to the world.

El Salvador has also sent a formal letter of protest over Trump comments.

Clinton, who was defeated by Trump in the presidential election, took the opportunity to hit back on social media tweeting: "The anniversary of the devastating natural disaster 8 years ago is a day to remember the tragedy, honor the resilient people of Haiti, & affirm America's commitment to helping our neighbors", Clinton said.

Lemon expressed his unsurprised disgust at Trump, reiterating his numerous racist statements and actions, from calling Mexicans "rapists" to defending neo-Nazis in Charlottesville to saying all Haitians have AIDS.

"This is CNN Tonight, I'm Don Lemon". "As Haitians, we may be poor, but we have a lot of quality". The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. "This is particularly surprising as the United States of America remains a global example of how migration gave birth to a nation built on strong values of diversity and opportunity". They look you in the eye.

"If that comment is accurate, the comment is incredibly disappointing", Scott also told The Post and Courier on Friday morning.

He pointed out that the USA accepted 23,000 Haitian immigrants and 172,000 Mexican immigrants in 2017, and immigration is so brisk from El Salvador that one in three Salvadorans now lives in the U.S.

Just before Christmas, a New York Times report emerged alleging that Trump had said people from Haiti "all have AIDS", that Nigerians all live in huts and that Afghanistan is full of terrorists.

The tabloid New York Daily News' front page features an illustration of a Trump poop emoji and a headline that reads "S**t for brains".

The US president has come under attack after he was reported to have called some nations "shitholes" in a White House remark.

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