This Is Why Fisker EMotion Could Be the Best Electric Luxury Car

Fisker EMotion

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An ambitious auto designer wants to revolutionise batteries in electric vehicles, hoping new technology will allow a full charge in just one minute.

Hopeful that the autonomous driving technology will be ready for primetime when the EMotion's assembly line starts operating, Fisker designed the luxury vehicle of the future to be capable of Level 4 automated driving owing to its suite of five prominent Quanergy LIDAR sensors built into its nose.

This stunning machine will feature a production model rocking around 400 miles of range, a 9 minute fast charge time, and a top speed of 161 mph. While the technology is still in its infancy, the new power source could replace lithium-ion batteries.

Aside from EMotion being fully electric, it boasts of its capability to charge swiftly once it has finished creating the new flexible solid-state battery and supercapacitor technology that it has developed.

One of the visual elements presented on the prototype and also on the final version are butterfly doors.

Solid-state batteries differ from lithium-ion by running a current through something solid, as opposed to liquids or polymers. Its glass roof has four zones of tint and each is electrically adjustable, allowing the entrance of the desired amount of light. The EMotion is Henrik Foskers second shot at the electric auto making business. Frisker, requiring a pre-delivery deposit for EMotion electric cars, which cost $129,000 and deliveries set to begin at the end of 2019; Fisker, Inc.

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