Disney CEO Iger's pay fell 17% in 2017

Disney CEO Bob Iger's Annual Pay Falls 17 Percent to $36.3 Million

Disney CEO Iger's pay fell 17% in 2017

Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger's compensation amounted to $37.3 million in the latest fiscal year, compared with $43.9 million in the previous year, according to a regulatory filing.

To be more specific, Iger made $36,283,680 past year, according to a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Total compensation fell 17 per cent from a year earlier.

His base salary remained flat at $2.5 million, as did stock awards at about $9 million.

Mr Iger has been a permanent fixture on the Bloomberg Pay Index, which ranks the 200 top-paid United States executives at public companies, and probably will be near the top after Disney's fiscal year ends on Sept 30.

General Counsel Alan Braverman's total pay slipped to $8.45M from $11.12M on a similar bonus decline, and the same was true for Chief Human Resources Officer M. Jayne Parker, whose pay fell to $5.09M from $5.6M.

In conjunction with the Fox deal, he signed a new contract that boosted his regular compensation and entitled him to an additional US$100 million in stock awards.

The CEO also has a cash bonus of as much as US$60 million that's contingent on Disney generating at least US$78.3 billion in adjusted operating income for the five years ending Sept 30. He has postponed his planned retirement four times.

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