Macedonia, Greece to form working groups on name dispute

Macedonia, Greece to form working groups on name dispute

Macedonia, Greece to form working groups on name dispute

The Churches stance has since 1992 been that FYROM is "appropriating and claiming what it does not own, that is, the Greek name of Macedonia, and thus injuring the Greek dignity and the historic reality".

Macedonia is unable to be a member of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation because of the ongoing naming dispute with Greece, which constitutes a big problem for the country's future.

"It is a national issue that can not leave the Church of Greece indifferent", Ieronymos told the Board of the Holy Synod that was summoned last night (local time) with the participation of four Bishops from Northern Greece, all opposing to the inclusion of any term that related to the "Macedonia" name in the new FYROM title.

Greece's Archbishop Ieronymos is adamant that said that the Church can not remain indifferent to the "Macedonia" name dispute. Zaev has also said there is possibility of a solution in the first half of 2018.

Ahead of the fresh round of talks which will take place on 17 January in NY, media in Skopje have reported today about the meeting between Foreign ministers Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias, which is expected to push the process forward.

Media reports said during the negotiations the name "New Macedonian Republic" was discussed.

However, it is generally thought that its solution in Greece may put Athens in a hard position, due to the resistance of nationalist and rightist groups in the country.

Moreover, some lawmakers in SYRIZA and ANEL party have said that they will not approve any agreement that contains the name "Macedonia".

Many countries including Turkey recognize Macedonia with its present name.

The Greek Orthodox Church, Greek nationalist parties, and residents of northern Greece have been especially opposed to any compromise that incorporates the name Macedonia and have planned rallies in northern Greece later this month.

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