Ginuwine Avoids Transgender Woman's Kiss on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

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Courtney Act describes the scale of sexuality and gender perfectly on CBB

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Love or hate Celebrity Big Brother, it's great that conversations like this are getting airtime.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

It comes after the transgender journalist, who has repeatedly said she is "scared" of drag queens since learning Courtney Act was entering the house, had a huge bust-up with Andrew Brady after he dressed in drag.

Find out which celebrities have joined the Celebrity Big Brother house for 2018. "The LGBT... you know I just think they need to respect it a bit more", she continued vaguely.

Ginuwine said no again, to which India hurled back: "I think all the unspoken things going on there illustrate my case one hundred percent".

Jenek went on to discuss how because people aren't used to considering that there are more than two genders, they're often opposed to the idea that gender can be as fluid as sexuality.

India has also said she doesn't get involved in LGBTQ events - leaving viewers all the more shocked seeing as they dug up pictures of her posing with drag queens at Pride.

India Willoughby

It all kicked off after RuPaul's Drag Race star Shane Jenek - AKA Courtney Act - helped Andrew transform into his very own alter ego, Betty Swollocks.

Shane also explained that he is comfortable with his body and has never wanted to be woman, but that he sees his gender as being on a scale.

'Whereas she [India] is like a radical conformist when it comes to gender. You're a woman. And probably most of the people in this house are closer to the one or the six.

In particular Shane's explanation of the spectrum of gender and sexuality is being widely shared on Twitter and Facebook as it's praised for its simple and logical breakdown of the gender scale.

'This is how you maturely speak about the "issue" of Gender/sex.

When Jess teased Ashley about Ginuwine like her, Ashley responded: "I feel like, "Oh my God, this is not what want", it's day six and I'm like".

One wrote: 'What does Katie Price mean by India needs to learn how to use a Jonny?

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