CT State police issues report on response to Newtown shooting

CT State police issues report on response to Newtown shooting

CT State police issues report on response to Newtown shooting

State police are planning to release a report Friday on the agency's response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting more than five years ago.

CT state police have released a 74-page critique of their emergency response to the 2012 school shooting in Newtown.

The report highlighted several other issues as well as things that police did well, including establishing a family liaison program where individual troopers were assigned to each victims' family to assist them.

One of the most critical parts was the handling of the crime scene - the two classrooms where the 20 children and four teachers were killed and the hallway where Principal Dawn Hochsprung and School Psychologist Mary Sherlach were killed. A prosecutor's report in 2013 said that almost six minutes passed between the arrival of the first Newtown police officer and the time officers entered the school. CT media including the Courant have been critical of the length of time it has taken state police to complete and release this report.

After-action reports have become standard practice for USA law enforcement agencies after attacks like Sandy Hook's and are meant to improve response times.

The Courant, which wrote in November about the delay in finishing the report, has requested a copy several times and has been told it is still pending.

Murray was assigned to do the after-action report within days of the massacre. It's compiled from dozens of interviews with first responders, medical personnel, school staff, and more. "The process has been time-consuming and delayed due to several factors, including limited resources and the attrition of several of the personnel working on this project".

The report is supposed to be done "after a public safety emergency has occurred and troopers have been committed to resolve it".

CT officials were not immediately able to confirm the report.

There should also be better mental health assistance for first responders to a tragedy like Sandy Hook, the report said.

The police chiefs association's nine-page report concluded that Newtown officers responded quickly to the school and that the "Newtown Police Department navigated the inevitable chaos created in the first few minutes of such a call, managed to piece together what was occurring, but were unable to intervene before the shooter took his own life".

Similar reports have been published after mass shootings dating back to the deadly 1999 rampage at Columbine High School in Colorado, which left 12 dead.

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