Trump signs Markey-sponsored bill to improve opioid screening technology

Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat opioid trafficking

Trump signs Interdict Act

Such a moment came Wednesday when President Donald Trump signed the Interdict Act, a federal bill which had been introduced past year by Ohio Sen.

Providing the border patrol with more screening devices and lab support should not only stop more fentanyl from coming into the US, it will also protect more agents in the field from exposure to unsafe substances.

US Senator Ed Markey, along with fellow MA delegation member Representative Niki Tsongas, sponsored the bill, called the Interdict Act.

"They're using our postal system and they're killing our people, " Trump said Wednesday, according to USA Today.

Brown, who publicly encouraged Trump to sign the bill Friday, notes that the flow of fentanyl across the U.S. -Mexico border is having a devastating effect on the population of Ohio. He said, "In Massachusetts, like OH, it's an epidemic", adding, "This is the epidemic".

Both Senators said they're very pleased the act was signed into law.

Specifically, the INTERDICT Act will help equip U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with scanning devices and other technologies to detect synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

10 signed a bill aimed at beefing up efforts to keep fentanyl from entering the United States from Mexico. It appropriates $9 million for hundreds of new screening devices, laboratory equipment, and facilities. Find us on Facebook too! "I think I actually know the answer, but I'm not sure the country's ready for it yet", he added.

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