Bandai Namco announced the re-release of the game Dark Souls

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Bandai Namco announced the re-release of the game Dark Souls

Actually, we do know why: Bandai Namco are also releasing it for the Nintendo Switch.

If surprise Total War games aren't your thing, how about surprise Dark Souls ones? No price tag has been attached to the title, but Dark Souls: Remastered should be available digitally and physically for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC on May 24.

Looking over the contents, it's full of some addition physical goodies which are rather cool. The project appears on multiple platforms including PC, called Dark Souls: Remastered.

Along with the discs, it contains a bookcase which when put together looks like a statue of sorts. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco hasn't clarified how the game will perform while on the move. Also, six players will be able to participate in the same online instance this time around, which is up from four in the original.

One of our sources indicates that Bandai Namco plans to bring all three Dark Souls games to Switch eventually, but the oft-rumoured "trilogy" bundle is not how this will be happening - yet. Demon's Souls' servers may still be going strong two years after release, but however long they do last, I'd bet Dark Souls' servers will certainly last much longer. One recent issue that seems to have popped up surrounds that of a "50% off" Dark Souls Remastered deal that is said to have never been in implemented, although there's some info out there showing otherwise. Some games try to scare you with bump-in-the-night shocks and far-off howls, but Dark Souls doesn't require such predictable methods of terror.

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