Butcher saved from NEAR DEATH by using black pudding 'battering ram'

Aberdeenshire black pudding saves life of butcher trapped in freezer

Black pudding saves butcher trapped in freezer

After he battered the lock several times with the frozen breakfast staple, it eventually gave way and he walked free.

"I'm lucky really, we sell about two or three each week and that was the last one in there", he told the Daily Mail, adding that "black pudding saved my life, without a doubt".

"No-one could hear me banging because it was outside, round the back of the shop".

Chris McCabe feared for his life after finding himself locked in his walk-in store, where meat is kept at temperatures of -20C.

McCabe said he tried unsuccessfully to kick the button free before picking up a 1.5kg black pudding, a form of blood sausage. The butcher used a stick of black pudding "as a battering ram".

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The father of four, who works at C.M. McCabe Butchers in Totnes, Devon, said winds had blown the door shut.

He frantically looked around for something to save him - but couldn't find anything to de-ice the emergency release.

The lamb was too big and the beef didn't afford enough grip, and McCabe had all but given up hope of survival when his eyes alighted on a 1.5kg black pudding from HM Sheridan of Bridge Street in Ballater, Aberdeenshire. 'I've been shut in before and I used the button to get out then, but this time it was frozen solid.

"I managed to get in a position to bash the button a few times until the ice broke and the door opened".

As well as saving his life, Chris also credits the humble black pudding with being the flawless accompaniment for a fried breakfast.

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