CES 2018: Huawei Releasing New Mesh Wi-Fi System

Huawei goes Mesh for consumer WiFi in an emerging space

Huawei WiFi Q2 package spreads a signal over your whole house

2018, Huawei announced a wireless network system called Wi-Fi Q2.

According to Huawei, the result is a Wi-Fi system that can deliver speeds up to 1867 Mbps, which is ridiculous.

Routers with support for a mesh Wi-Fi network are quite common nowadays.

The Huawei WiFi Q2 is going to be all about the "whole home". Further, the main unit of the system has a five-step installation process, while the sub units come with simple, plug-and-play functionality. One option includes a base and two satellites using G.hn PLC technology to deliver gigabit data over electrical, telephone, and coaxial wiring. The Q2 is created to connect up to 192 different devices at the same time and support up to 16 hotspots. All this is sufficient if you're looking a single solution for your smart home or planning to transform your home into a smart one where some Wi-Fi-enabled lights, sockets, and tons of other devices would be present.

The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 defaults to a 5GHz network, supporting up to 16 hotspots, has a dedicated channel for internet-of-things connections, a hybrid network of 5G mesh Wi-Fi plus powerline and seamless roaming, faster switching at 100ms on 802.11v protocol. Plus, there is an anti-brute force algorithm that helps to prevent any outside or unwanted access to the network.

Huawei did not say when the Wi-Fi Q2 will be available, but we'll provide additional information as we get it. However, considering its compelling features, the system is expected to soon hit the global markets to give no space to competitors for similar developments.

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