Qualcomm's new Home Hub platforms will bring Google Assistant to more devices

CES 2018

Qualcomm's new Home Hub platforms will bring Google Assistant to more devices

Google Assistant on these smart screens can show the weather, guide you through cooking, display your calendar, show pictures from Google Photos, find directions on Google Maps and play YouTube videos, among other things. Essentially anyone can get a hold of the necessary software just like they can the Android OS and build it for a wide range of devices, including third-party smart displays.

Expect a "summer" release date in the United States of America, but we couldn't get a confirmed United Kingdom date.

Google showcased a small video revealing the capabilities of these smart displays. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week it's announcing new device partnerships.

The Smart Display is certainly not a typical Lenovo product, especially when you consider that the company is mostly known for their laptops, tablets, and budget-friendly smartphones.

After Lenovo, JBL has now announced the details about its upcoming Smart display.

The addition of these smart displays will help Google keep pace with Amazon when it comes to widespread acceptance and use of its Assistant, but the company isn't stopping there. So, you can say "Hey Google" anytime and it will listen to your command.

To be able to use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, your appliance must be set to remote enabled.

It is now official - we are just part of the way through the first main media day of CES and Google Assistant is everywhere.

Called smart displays, these new devices come from a variety of manufacturers (such as Lenovo) and are all powered by the same platform: Android Things. The new Smart Display is going to be available in two sizes - 8-inches and 10-inches - and it's slated to be available this summer.

Prices for these smart displays will likely fall in around $200. Lenovo has already briefly introduced its offering - An 8 or 10-inch with either HD or Full HD resolution which is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 chip, 2GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

Amazon and Google have been dominating the smart home, especially smart speakers industry for a while now. The device has a speaker on the left side, or if you stand it in portrait mode, it'll be on the bottom. There are buttons for adjusting speaker volume, and there's even a switch that places a physical lens cover over the front-facing camera that's used for video calls. The company is working on a new Google Home speaker with a display, code- named Manhattan, for release in 2018, two people familiar with the product's development told Bloomberg in December.

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