Consumers spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram

Daily Beast reveals Snap user data for Stories, Maps, and Discover features

Snap's Leaked Metrics Show Why it Needs to Redesign

The Daily Beast reports on the secretive culture inside Snap (NYSE:SNAP) that keeps many employees out of the loop on new designs and nearly everyone out of the loop on specific user data.

To boost usage, Snapchat has expanded into news and entertainment with its Discover platform, beefed up its voice-calling capabilities, and this year it launched Snap Map, which lets users see friends' locations.

Users have said they're struggling to find their favourite features, and that the app has become more confusing.

To translate: The number of unique Snapchat users who posted Stories to their respective feeds remained flat between April and September.

Several other tweets from the account have attempted to make it easier for people to use the new version of the app.

Snapchat's major new update hasn't gone down well with users, and the app is now being bombarded with negative reviews. The data, which covered the period from April to September, indicates that only 21 percent of users view Discover daily.

By most users, the section of the app reserved for publisher content is ignored, which is known as Discovered.

One of the biggest criticisms surrounds the redesign of the old Stories page, which you used to be able to access by swiping left on the main camera screen.

Snapchat's Support team, meanwhile, has been busy responding to complaints from users on Twitter.

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