Grey's Anatomy's New Interns Are Getting Their Own Show

Grey's Anatomy B Team TV show on ABC

Grey's Anatomy's New Interns Are Getting Their Own Show

This won't be the only new Grey's series fans can look forward to. Series regular Sarah Drew makes her directorial debut, directing this six-episode series that focuses on the new interns' first day as surgeons forced to tackle the pressures of high-stakes medicine and hard patients under the watchful and stern eye of Chief Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

ABC announced Thursday the midseason premiere, airing January 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, changed its title from "Four Seasons in One Day" to "1-800-799-7233".

"Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" stars Sophia Taylor Ali as Dahlia Qadri, Jake Borelli as Levi Schmitt, Alex Blue Davis as Casey Parker, Jaicy Elliot as Taryn Helm, Rushi Kota as Vik Roy and Jeanine Mason as Samantha "Sam" Bello.

You'll also see some familiar faces from the main show, including Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd, Kelly McCreary, James Pickens Jr., and Chandra Wilson.

The web series was written by Barbara Kaye Friend and directed by Sarah Drew.

Will you be checking out Grey's Anatomy: B-Team?

The episode synopsis, released by ABC in a press release, reads: "Jo (Camilla Luddington) finally faces her estranged, abusive husband Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison), while Grey Sloan continues to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a hacker has compromised the hospital's computer system".

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