Conan the Barbarian storming home to Marvel Comics in 2019

Conan returns to Marvel

Conan returns to Marvel

Conan the Barbarian is ready to conquer Marvel Comics once again!

Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International announced an agreement today to bring Robert E. Howard's famed pulp hero back to the comics publisher beginning in January 2019.

With Marvel's healthy stock of writers and artists, who might we see writing and drawing the shirtless barbarian in 2019?

Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International are excited to announce the iconic CONAN franchise will return to Marvel next year.

'Conan the Barbarian' Comics Moving Back to Marvel

Marvel was the first comic book publisher to produce Conan material, starting with 1970's Conan the Barbarian series; the character was such a success, he would eventually span a number of spin-off titles including Savage Sword of Conan, Conan the King and Conan the Adventurer.

Current Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski added his own statement to Marvel's announcement, saying, "From Barry Windsor-Smith to John Buscema to Neal Adams, a legendary line-up of unbelievable artists brought Conan to life in the pages of Marvel comics". "As the most well-known and creative publisher in the industry, we think Marvel is a great fit for our stories". After a decline in popularity for the hulking pulp character in the late '90s, Dark Horse Comics acquired the licensing rights to Conan in 2003, and published barbaric stories in a multitude of series until 2017.

Some of the most authentic and faithful adaptations of those original Conan tales were published under the blazing Marvel Comics banner.

Details on upcoming titles, collections, reprints and creative teams will be shared at a later date, Marvel said in a statement.

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