After scandal, Rosenberg allies lay out path for potential return to power

Former Mass. Senate President Stan Rosenberg

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Scott Zoback, a spokesman for acting Senate President Harriette Chandler, declined to comment on Rosenberg's statement, citing the ongoing probe.

Former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg has separated from his husband Bryon Hefner, who is being investigated for sexual misconduct. Thomas McGee, who was elected mayor of Lynn.

Rosenberg could potentially return to the presidency after the investigation concludes, if he is cleared of any wrongdoing.

"At this point, they have been counseled that they should minimize contact with me", Rosenberg said of his fellow senators, "so that we can be sure, out of an abundance of caution, that nothing can be said when the investigation is over that there was any interference". "It's underway, and I'm here representing my constituents and plan to continue to do my job".

The Amherst Democrat announced shortly thereafter that he would be taking a leave of absence and stepping down from his post as Senate president until an investigation into the allegations against his husband is complete.

NewsCenter 5 learned Thursday that Rosenberg had separated from Bryon Hefner.

Rosenberg, who promised a "firewall" between the Senate and Hefner before he assumed the presidency in 2015, has denied Hefner's influence over Senate decision-making, but declined to speculate on whether he will be able to return to the presidency at the conclusion of the Ethics Committee investigation. He said in December that Hefner was entering treatment for alcoholism.

"He has no influence over policy, the internal operations of the Senate, or any Senate-related business", Rosenberg said at the time. "That's about all that can be said about that". Now that he has returned to Beacon Hill, Rosenberg said the reception he got from other senators was "very positive, friendly and exactly what I would expect from my colleagues with whom I've served and worked for so long".

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