Detective Pikachu is finally coming to North America and Europe

Detective Pikachu is the newest confirmed Nintendo amiibo in months

Detective Pikachu is on the case, coming March 2018

Take the role of young Tim Goodman and explore with his talkative partner Pikachu in the action-adventure game Detective Pikachu, coming to systems in the Nintendo 3DS family on March 23, 2018. Not only will it serve as the cutest kaiju on your toy shelf, but it will also reveal "Pika Prompts" within the game that will help players find clues.

It's nearly twice as tall as a regular Pikachu amiibo! The film's script will be written by Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman and it will be co-written by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch.

You and the talking Pikachu will team up to check out Ryme City, question witnesses, and collect clues to figure out what exactly happened to Tim's dad.

While we do not know much about Detective Pikachu, it will obviously play very differently from previous Pokemon games. Until today we've only seen Japanese trailers for the game, so fans wondered what the English voice might sound like.

Detective Pikachu Amiibo

With the game expanding its horizons, the Pokemon Company is also creating a special Detective Pikachu Amiibo for use with the game.

"This Pikachu claims that he worked with Tim's father, and the two pair up to discover his whereabouts".

Developed by Creatures Inc, Detective Pikachu is a puzzle-solving adventure featuring Pikachu as the titular character. Sadly, Ryan Reynolds does not appear to be voicing Pikachu. The game was initially launched in Japan in March 2016, with The Pokemon Company now deciding to bring it to the west following the announcement of the Detective Pikachu movie.

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