Uber says data breach compromised 380K users in Singapore

The number consists of both riders and drivers, but no specific breakdown of each category has been provided.

In a note commenting on Uber's latest statement in Singapore, Sanjay Aurora, Asia-Pacific managing director for security vendor Darktrace, said the onus was on companies to safeguard their customers' data.

National Privacy Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro said that based on the additional public information made available by Uber, the data is based on the mobile phone numbers included in the transport network company's registry. Aside from these phone numbers, only the affected data subjects' registered name and the email address were exposed, Uber said.

In a statement on its website, Uber said, "Our outside forensics experts have not seen any indication that trip location history, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or dates of birth were downloaded".

Liboro said they have summoned Uber officials in the country to look into their data processing operations to protect Filipino drivers and riders.

Last month, Uber Philippines informed the NPC that Filipino Uber users were indeed among those exposed in the massive breach previous year that affected 57 million Uber clients around the world.

Reports emerged last month that some customers in Singapore found charges made to their Uber accounts and credit cards for rides they never took, including transactions made in the United Kingdom and USA and in foreign currencies.

He said the NPC is "paying particular attention to the steps taken to ensure that in the future, data breaches of this magnitude will not be concealed from regulators and from affected data subjects".

"We have received reports of irregular processing following the report of the breach, but we are still investigating these claims and their link to the 2016 data breach incident". The hacker, according to a Reuters report, is a 20-year-old man from Florida described by one source as still "living with his mom in a small home trying to help pay the bills", but one whose full identity remained a mystery.

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