Got a Lot to Say? Twitter Rolling Out Tweetstorm Feature

Here's how the Threads feature will work

Here's how the Threads feature will work

While many users stick with a handful of connected tweets to express their thoughts, other threads have been known to run for dozens if not hundreds of individual tweets.

Users have adopted the tweetstorm for a number of reasons - to tell personal, suspenseful or amusing stories via Twitter, to connect facts surrounding breaking news, to rant about politics or other issues, or even to just make a longer post more readable and easier to follow.

Threaded tweets will carry a "Show this threads" label. It is the latest move by Twitter to try to track user feedback.

Those who now have access to the feature will see a "plus" button, which is used to create Threads.

Each line represents one tweet, with a character limit of 280 as per usual. With the official unveiling of the new feature, you can now start creating threads simply by tapping on the plus button in the Twitter composer and typing your series of tweets. "Up to this point, when a user wanted to indicate that a tweet was part of a longer story and to expect a thread, they'd put something like "(1/?)" at the end of their tweet.

Now that's no longer necessary, as they can just tweet the whole thing at once. You can download Twitter from the App Store for free. If you want to update a thread later, open it and hit "add another tweet" in the thread. Third-party Twitter clients, like Tweetbot, will have to be updated to support Threads.

After they're done, users can tap "Tweet all" on the top-right of the screen, which will publish the entire thread simultaneously. This allows users to share their longer tweetstorms, but without taking over your timeline in the process.

The new feature will be available on Android, iOS and the web in the coming weeks, the company said Tuesday.

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